Shopify: Gemacht Für Berlin

Together with Berlin-based merchants on Shopify, we created video spots highlighting how these businesses thrive in the merciless capital. To capture the Berlin vibe, we partnered with local illustrators creating bespoke stickers based on these businesses and layering them on top of each other. Because Berlin is a city of layers, where roughness meets high fashion, start-up mentality, and anti-establishment ideals. Covering every corner. These layers of the city form the basis of our campaign. Texture, typography, and imagery come together in an unmistakably Berlin way.

Headline: Made for Berlin. Wakes up all of Germany.

Headline: Made for Berlin. Brings color throughout Europe.

Headline: Made for Berlin. Drunk throughout Germany.

My Role

Art Direction, Copywriting & Production


Patrik Lenhart, Pedro Americo, Fedja Kehl, Lisa Kirmsse